Buku Terbaru: To Infinity and Beyond, Cosmopolitanism in International Relations


Reza A.A Wattimena

Anak Agung Banyu Perwita

Penerbit: Ary Suta Center

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Ary Suta Center stands for three things, namely building competencies, value creation and increasing competitiveness in Indonesia. Central to these things is the cooperation in scientific researchs and programs with so called people with fair minds and executive intelligence. From this cooperation, the higher level of competitiveness and value creation can be created in order to enhance the innovative capabilities of Indonesian based on good leadership, strategy and critical thinking in various areas of life, namely social-cultural, politics, economics, human relations and education.

The content of this book, which is the result of scientific research, is in line with the core values of Ary Suta Center. It expands the horizon of human life in various areas of life, especially in the context of International Relations in a more globalized world. It touches the deep longing of every human being to overcome their personality boundaries and helps them to find the true identity of being in relation with the whole universe. With cool and calm structures of arguments and expositions, this book provides also the means to help the leaders of the world to create and maintain peace in the various levels, namely local, national, regional and global level.

The cooperation between Ary Suta Center with Anak Agung Banyu Perwita and Reza Alexander Antonius Wattimena then can be seen as something natural, especially because of the common values and basic philosophy that they shared. Both are scholars and writers, which have won the Ary Suta Center Paper Competition in 2017. Both are open minded human beings with sharp minds and gentle hearts. Their writing on Tolerance and Education, which then becomes one of the chapters in this book, provides excellent overview on the meaning and importance of tolerance not just in Indonesia, but also on the global level.

Ary Suta Center appreciates and welcomes the publication of this book. This is the first book in Indonesia, which systematically describes the meaning and importance of cosmopolitanism in the study of International Relations. The publication of this book is not only aimed at further contribute to the development of the study of International Relations in Indonesia but we  hope that this book is also able  to offer  wider perspectives and strategies to the wider communities to overcome various economic, social and political challenges that our society is having today in Indonesia, especially when we enter the year of 2018 and 2019, where Indonesia has to choose its respective political leaders. Tolerance, peace, prosperity and justice are the dreams of all nations, and may this book can contribute to make these dreams come true for a stronger, a more civilized and a more united Indonesia.

March 2018

Dr. I. Putu Gede Ary Suta

Chairman and Founder of The Ary Suta Center

Infinity and Beyond, Cover belakang


Diterbitkan oleh

Reza A.A Wattimena

Peneliti di bidang Filsafat Politik, Filsafat Ilmu dan Kebijaksanaan Timur. Alumni Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyarkara Jakarta, Doktor Filsafat dari Hochschule für Philosophie München, Philosophische Fakultät SJ München, Jerman. Beberapa karyanya: Menjadi Pemimpin Sejati (2012), Filsafat Anti Korupsi (2012), Tentang Manusia (2016), Filsafat dan Sains (2008), Zen dan Jalan Pembebasan (2017-2018), Melampaui Negara Hukum Klasik (2007), Demokrasi: Dasar dan Tantangannya (2016), Bahagia, Kenapa Tidak? (2015), Cosmopolitanism in International Relations (2018), Protopia Philosophia (2019), Memahami Hubungan Internasional Kontemporer (20019), Mendidik Manusia (2020), Untuk Semua yang Beragama (2020), Terjatuh Lalu Terbang (2020), Urban Zen (2021), Revolusi Pendidikan (2022) dan berbagai karya lainnya.

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